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Underpayment & Prompt Pay

Underpayments cost you money… and they may cost you customers.

Most health plans place a higher level of emphasis on overpayments than they do on underpayments. Why should you focus on underpayments? Let's face it, customers expect their claims to be processed correctly, and when claims are paid incorrectly, customers aren't happy. The net result is that underpayments can cost you customers, not to mention interest and other penalties you may have to pay.

T3 believes in aligning itself with our client partners and ensuring the right incentives are put in place at every level. Our audits aren't solely focused on overpayments but also look for underpayments and we build our partnership to support that level of engagement. T3 provides a systematic way to find underpayments, and by conducting Root Cause Analysis we not only identify underpaid claims but also create processes to solve the problems that cause them.