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Audit Management Platform

We are changing the rules of the game with cost-effective and robust solutions!

Too often, payors take a patchwork approach to their auditing efforts, running query after query and report after report, and hiring vendor after vendor to try to ensure that they are paying claims accurately. This approach to recovery leads to additional internal validation work and productivity slowdown, with little time to conduct the Root Cause Analysis needed to prevent future problems. The end result is an auditing approach that is fragmented, incomplete and very costly. Wouldn’t you prefer to make that process more fluid, cost-effective and valuable?

T3 offers a proven method for auditing 100% of your claims prior to or after payment, managing all of your claims auditing efforts and balancing your recovery vendors - all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. T3's Audit Management Platform Solution - powered by the AuditPoint Platform - can simplify claim review, facilitate interdepartmental collaboration, provide a comprehensive and thorough audit approach, and drive auditor productivity to higher levels. The approach provides laser focus and puts the right controls in place to help you be more effective.