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Cost Containment

Ensuring you ONLY pay every dollar that you are supposed to pay… nothing more!

Payors need an end-to-end solution that effectively monitors the processes in place, inserts checks and balances, and works to improve future claims payment. And more importantly, payors need a partner that is an extension of their plan, woven into the fabric of their operations and not just adding another layer to efforts already in place.

T3 works closely with each of its client partners to provide a customized solution set and collaborates with them to add more audits as the relationship evolves. We have built hundreds of audits in our Audit Library to target administrative, correct coding, medical necessity and financial issues and are building more every week with our current client partners. We also provide Root Cause Analysis, using sophisticated data mining techniques so that our client partners stop paying for the same errors again and again.

T3 combines experience, results, technology and a collaborative approach that our client partners are raving about, as it is unlike anything they have ever experienced before. Our approach is iterative, and the results translate into a return on investment that is more cost-effective, easier to manage and more comprehensive. We believe you should be keeping more of your money, and we work hard to make that happen.