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Client Engagement

Let's Work… Together!
We Don't Believe in "Out of the Box"

Our approach and the continuum of services we provide ensure that our relationship continues to grow as it matures. Our solution set becomes an extension of your plan, and our approach emphasizes a true partnership that removes client/vendor barriers. We work hard to consistently demonstrate our value proposition, and our client partners attest that it makes their jobs easier. We are never "done" with helping your plan, and are always looking to find new audits and approaches to address the things that are keeping you up at night.

We work closely with you to implement audits, optimize them as the solution matures and continuously analyze your data to find ways to close the gaps in the claims payment workflow. It has been our experience that this approach to claims auditing creates great results, increases productivity, reduces costs and maximizes the return on your investment. The entire T3 team is passionate about the work we do. We are curious about your business and intent on creating the right approach to address your business needs. We don't believe in an "out of the box" solution, ever.

Audit Customization and Development

One size never fits all!

Our goal is to help ensure that you pay your claims accurately, and we work with you to solve for that every day. Over the years we have worked with our client partners to build a library that includes hundreds of audits deployed through our AuditPoint Platform. With each new client partner, we start by leveraging this library and customizing it to fit their unique requirements. As we continue to work with our client partners and other subject matter experts to solve for new and different business challenges, we augment our audit library. As our audit library continues to grow and improve, each and every one of our client partners benefits from this evolution. There isn’t a day that passes without our client partners asking, "Can you help us with…" And we do.

Continuous improvement is ingrained in our DNA, and we recognize that to succeed and to stay successful, we must be nimble and agile and adapt our solutions to meet our client partners' ever-evolving needs.

Error Validation

Auditing is not black and white.

Most errors are driven by a multiplicity of issues, and striking the right balance between productivity and effectiveness is an art. Targeting audits to discover such errors too finely can reduce false positives that are a waste of time but may also throw the baby out with the bathwater. Limitations in staffing and time lead payors to use statistical sampling techniques and set high dollar thresholds below which productivity is hard to achieve.

With our sophisticated AuditPoint Platform, T3 is able to audit 100% of claims electronically, carefully selecting potential errors for review by auditors based on the likelihood of success. T3's team of auditors can then review these potential errors manually, using the same information sources and processes the client partner's own auditors would use, passing along to them only those errors that are the most worthy of review. With this unique combination of technology, expertise and staff augmentation, T3 is able to produce demonstrably greater value for clients, driving down costs while driving up returns.