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You wouldn't process claims without a claims system, why would you audit them without an auditing platform?

The auditing efforts of any health plan are only as good as its processes and the organization's ability to ensure those audits are done correctly. What if you could use an enterprise-wide tool to help increase your auditing productivity by providing a targeted and intuitive workflow that tracks your audit processes and results and allows you to communicate throughout the organization what is happening with each and every claim at any given time? This is what our client partners asked for, and this is why we created AuditPoint.

AuditPoint is an end-to-end enterprise auditing platform that manages internal and external audits from start to finish for 100% of your medical claims. Productivity is increased, error identification is maximized, and your ability to monitor performance, track results and compare approaches is optimized.

AuditPoint is:

  • AuditPoint couples a proprietary claim review technology with an integrated audit workflow process to produce a highly scalable solution that significantly improves the effectiveness of claims auditing operations and the productivity of auditors.
  • To optimize the false positive ratio and generate the most effective cases for auditors to review, AuditPoint utilizes proprietary claim tagging and grouping techniques that lead to greater accuracy in identification of erroneous cases.
  • AuditPoint is designed to audit 100% of facility and professional claims. It includes a library of Overpayment, Underpayment, Quality, Peer and Adjudication Assistance audits and is highly customizable to meet each client’s unique requirements.
  • AuditPoint can manage not only your internal efforts but also the efforts of other recovery vendors that are providing you with spreadsheets and information that require your review or validation.
  • AuditPoint’s default operational and financial reporting capabilities coupled with T3’s extensive analytical solutions create a powerful platform to mine data, profile problem areas and deploy targeted interventions to keep health plans ahead of the curve.
  • AuditPoint can be used enterprise wide, allowing departments insights into claims information, audit trails and information pertinent to them.
  • T3’s ability to deploy audits in a timely manner and AuditPoint’s capability to process millions of claims per hour are the cornerstone of our services that allow our customers to have the option to audit 100% of their professional and facilities claims in a pre-pay modality and minimize pay and chase activities.
  • Aligning the incentive between our customers and us is paramount in our ability to drive for continuous improvements in claims processing workflow at our customers. T3 offers a variety of flexible pricing models to provide results for our customers that are better, faster and more cost-effective.