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About Us
Who We Are

T3 helps payors solve challenging issues and saves them millions of dollars in erroneous payments through identification and permanent repair of problem areas.

At T3, we are helping our client partners bend the cost curve by moving it back to where it belongs. We ensure quality by checking that each and every claim was billed appropriately. By moving this process as far up as possible in the claim workflow and making it a controlled process, we are helping our client partners minimize their pay and chase activities. We help our client partners reduce administrative costs and promote a process that allows them to focus on utilization and be good stewards with their providers.

Our client partners consistently tell us how we make their business easier to manage by helping them address their payment integrity issues with our deep domain expertise in payor operations, advanced technology, and unparalleled process and service excellence. We emphasize service and process improvement, and consider them to be the cornerstone of our approach to the market and solutions we provide.

T3 was founded with an intent to create an approach and solution set to auditing that is truly different from anything else. Over the years we have worked with various payors to build a unique technology that streamlines the auditing function across the enterprise and creates a platform that helps our client partners improve their auditing productivity and pay claims correctly the first time. We take a systematic approach to identifying root causes to improve accuracy and fixing recurring errors with a solution set that is better, faster and more cost-effective.

In an industry that has capitalized on health plan inefficiencies, T3 has opted to take a different approach and align its incentives with its client partners. Our team, our solution set and our experience will make a difference to your business.