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T3 is now an Equian Company
furthering our company's ability to deliver technology driven, accurate, and actionable pre and post payment integrity solutions.

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We know paying claims accurately is an ongoing challenge. System limitations, configuration errors, complex contracts and policies, and creative provider billings result in incorrect claims payment. Payors have armed themselves with large internal departments to audit and review claims in addition to engaging with external resources to catch what was missed. It is a fragmented, inefficient, unproductive and expensive process.

Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a partner that didn’t collect a toll every time you make an error? A partner that was committed to not only finding errors but fixing them too? A partner that would find overpayments, but would also look for underpayments, benefit and quality issues, and claim workflow errors? And what if that partner provided you with tools to make your internal processes and auditing practices better, faster and more cost-effective?

That partner exists today, and we’re called T3.

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